JEA’s Future; Ketamine Clinic Opens; Deck The Chairs Returns

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A new bill is already moving through the Jacksonville City Council after voters overwhelmingly approved a straw ballot that calls for voters to get a say in any discussions on selling JEA.

At the same time, some on Council are raising concerns about JEA’s process for selecting a new CEO.

Tuesday on First Coast Connect, Jacksonville City Councilman Matt Schellenberg joined with his insights and concerns for JEA’s future.

It should be noted there currently are no plans to sell JEA. But, should the issue be raised again – which some believe it will – there are differing opinions on how the process should be approached and how the proceeds should be used.

Jacksonville’s First Ketamine Clinic Opens

Jacksonville’s first Ketamine infusion clinic near St. John’s Town Center has opened.

The drug ketamine – although not new – is gaining buzz for its success in treating some forms of depression.

It first gained notoriety for its history of abuse as a club drug.

More recently it’s become one of the treatment options for veterans suffering from depression, chronic pain, and PTSD.

Sunbelt Health Solutions executives Cameron Cushenbery and Brian Hogan joined us with a look at the drug’s impact and potential.

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