Ketamine Infusion Therapy Continues to Receive Massive Media Attention

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Through my years as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist I’ve cared for patients from all backgrounds who’ve dealt with a variety of conditions. While focusing on a holistic model of health care, my partners and I came across an amazing revelation. A medication, used for years in our practice of inducing anesthesia, has now been coined as a “wonder-drug” in alleviating depressive symptoms. Utilizing our training we’ve been able to bring Ketamine Infusion Therapy to this suffering population in a safe and effective manner. Our patients treated so far have had miraculous results for multiple conditions including resistant depression, PTSD, bipolar depression, and chronic pain.

The powerful actions of this newfound antidepressant have led to a rush of pharmaceutical companies manipulating the molecule to derive the next generation of rapid acting antidepressants. While not approved by the FDA for the treatment of depression, Ketamine has been utilized in the field of anesthesia for many years and is listed among the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines for both its safety and efficacy. With vast swaths of data from multiple institutions we were able to develop a tailored approach for treating these “resistant” conditions.

Today, Sunbelt Wellness Institute continues to explore the wide-reaching benefits of ketamine and its application for some unanswered questions including: Could its implementation reduce the ever-increasing suicide epidemic? Could this therapy be modified for substance abuse disorders? Could it help in the ablation and remission of PTSD for our first responders and military personnel? Where are the the future trends with rapid acting antidepressants going?

We at Sunbelt Wellness Institute strive to have these questions answered through our active dedication to research, and development of institutional protocols. With the rapid pace of information about this exciting topic, we hope to be your eyes and ears for providing that data in a concise and effective manner. Tune in weekly to our blog for the most up to date summaries as they become available. With your help we can reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and Ketamine Infusion Therapy!

Author: Efrain De Leon, MSN, CRNA, ARNP (Chief Development Officer, Partner)

Photo Credit: Axios

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