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Everyone has a story that led them to this place; stories that they perceive to be written in ink. When asked about their story, longtime sufferers recite a mantra of pain and hardship ingrained in every aspect of their lives. As providers, we try to break these cycles by utilizing effective treatment regimens. Ketamine, in my professional opinion, is an outstanding tool for erasing the physical and emotional pain that surrounds “treatment resistant” conditions. I’ve seen multiple patients who have struggled with mental health issues and chronic pain for years finally gain relief. Sunbelt Wellness Institute opened my eyes to a safe and effective alternative utilizing Ketamine Infusion Therapy. The story has shifted from hopelessness to a patient telling me “I finally got my mom back!”

For the client considering Ketamine Infusion Therapy, questions are the best place to start. What should I know? Possible side effects? How does it work? Why is this an effective treatment? Luckily, Dr. Meisner at Harvard Medical School has created a brief summary that answers most of the basics. If you or a loved one are suffering from depression, bipolar depression, PTSD, or chronic pain, give us a call @ 904.328.6749 today to schedule your free consultation!

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