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Sunbelt Wellness Institute is Northeast Florida’s first center to provide innovative solutions to those struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) when previous trials on antidepressants have failed to provide relief. Together, they are one of the primary causes of disability in the United States affecting, by some estimates, upwards of 16 million individuals. Of those, approximately, 1/3 fail to respond to traditional antidepressant medication regimens. Among those that do, the positive effects of those treatments take weeks to months to manifest.

Ketamine Infusion therapy in collaboration with mental health professionals and anesthesia clinicians offer a tremendous opportunity for healing and progress in these individuals. Although ketamine has traditionally been used as an anesthetic, it has also been used off label to treat chronic pain, and now Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD). Ketamine has shown the ability to improve the response to traditional antidepressants and improves the rapidity of response that professionals are not seeing with the pure antidepressant effect alone.

Ketamine infusion treatments alone aren’t a solution, but they offer the potential to turn the the tide and hope for improved responses when in collaboration with mental health colleagues.

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