What Is Ketamine Infusion Therapy?

Dealing with depression and its side effects can be difficult, especially when antidepressants and more traditional treatments are ineffective. Fortunately, treatment options are increasing thanks to continued advancements in medicine. Learn how ketamine infusion therapy can help treat depression as well as post-operation and chronic pain management.

Post-Operation or Chronic Pain Treatment

Ketamine is an anesthetic drug in the same class as nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, that dulls the body’s senses. It was first used in the 1960s and has since been applied to pain management. While ketamine is often used in conjunction with sedatives, it’s useful on its own for a variety of surgical and corrective procedures. In small doses, it also operates as an analgesic.

Treatment for Psychiatric Disorders

Ketamine has since entered the psychiatric scene as a treatment for several disorders, such as major depressive disorder (MDD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and certain personality disorders.

Ketamine infusion therapy does not tend to be an initial treatment option for patients; it’s generally recommended when talk therapy or antidepressants are not effective. Research on its effects is ongoing, but it’s already showing significant promise as an alternative treatment.How Psychiatric Treatments Work

As an evidence-backed solution, ketamine infusion treatment is safe for those with ongoing pain or depression diagnoses resistant to “standard” regimens. Patients can either receive ketamine as a series of intravenous infusions or in nasal spray form as esketamine. Since ketamine doesn’t affect the airways or blood circulation, infusion therapy is considered safe in physicians’ offices and other outpatient settings. When used properly, it may help those who haven’t yet found relief start their path toward recovery.

While it might not replace and support some lifestyle changes, ketamine infusion treatment could be a life-saving tool in anesthetic and psychiatric treatment. Sunbelt Wellness Institute considers every avenue for patients’ wellbeing and now offers ketamine infusion therapy. We strive to give patients throughout Jacksonville, FL customized, compassionate care for a variety of conditionsContact our team today to make an appointment.

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